"Still Waters"

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TESTIMONIALS For Jan Oswald's Photography

Jan, your work evokes a profound connection with the mysterious within the human spirit.
WOW ! my Goddess are you talented - incredibly provocative moving work - congratulations on your great success and beautiful work.
--Maggie Alexander

Jan "has by far the most impressive photography show I have ever seen. If you never have seen photographers who use technique to create emotionally impressive photographs, now you can."
---Dr. Paul Denny Jr, DFA, "Art in Review" Enid News an& Eagle May 25, 2001

"Prominent Denver artist-photographer Jan Oswald is . . . creating some of the most thought-provoking still-life photographic studies ever to appear in Rocky Mountain art galleries."
-- "From the Professionals", Kodak ProPassport

I am not sure exactly what intrigues me about this series. Perhaps it is the balance of elegance and frailty with just down right dirtiness. It may be the contrast of the clean white feathers with the darkness of the soul (I.e. covered in mud), but there is definitely something intriguing about them. I can't imagine I am the only one to have been struck with emotions at these photos, as there is something primal yet serene about them.
--Teri Middleton about the Mudwoman photo

Jan speaks without words with much of her work showing her great vulnerability and expressing her personal journey.
She combines questions of the human spirit that go back beyond recorded time.
Jan has an ever evolving work that journals her life from childhood, to rights of passage, religious questions, sexual freedom, to fresh new life with inevitable death, back to the energy of life.
--Andy Hoen